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We want to show an alternative door to different disciplines and insights. Discover online courses where you can train at your own pace. From the comfort of your home.



Staying at home may or may not be an enjoyable experience. It will depend on how we are inside and how our mind is. We would like to help you during these days to improve your meditation practice.

We have prepared a program so that you can take full advantage of this situation to start your path of self development and enjoy the closeness of our mentors from the comfort of your home


Start or perfect your meditation technique

Find a soothing balm inside yourself

Acquire a natural predisposition to meditate at home

Safer than ever, but as close as always through the use of technology

If you have a small space and Internet connection, you will feel like in our academy

We keep our lessons, and we adapt to these changing situations

Trial Week | Grab our £36 offer when booking online (£45 at School Reception)

Trial Week | Grab our £36 offer when booking online (£45 at School Reception)



Now, that we can gradually return to our activities, we need to have a more focused and calmer mind so as not to fall back into our old bad habits. Beginning this phase of deconfinement will bring us significant challenges. On the one hand, we feel a certain enthusiasm to be able to be freer and on the other hand, the insecurity of a totally different scenario. A world that we left behind a few months ago and that will be quite different from the one we will see from now on. The way we work, the way we relate to each other, etc... everything has changed.

We have designed a complete program for you to learn from scratch or to improve the quality of your meditation practice, specifically concentration and mental retention -mindfulness-. We will use different meditation techniques based on breathing and in combination with a very special but powerful mantra. The technique is simple, and you will be able to incorporate it into your life easily and successfully.

We want to make our courses available to all people who want to take a leap in their lives. We truly understand the needs of our students and recognise that, now more than ever, many prefer to continue learning from their own living room. Or maybe you just don't have time to come to our school - it's okay!


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