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Focussing on mind, body

Our practice carefully blends techniques from a range of disciplines to help guide you on an inner journey, one which will allow you to find meaning in our world, put emotions and feelings in order, and find a new perspective on your life. It’s an opportunity to find balance, bring you closer to the present moment, whilst keeping your body fit and healthy.

London Lifestyle Academy is a training hub in mindfulness, yoga, breathing and ancient techniques. Our interdisciplinary practice provides a foundation for living which we adapt to both respect the tradition of our teaching, and allow you to integrate it meaningfully into your life.

Through our unique teaching methods, we’ll show you the way to develop your mind and body as one. Our simple techniques will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and peace. We want you to become the witness to your own life – noticing your energy at home, at work or around loved ones. We want to help you tap into what drives you, what guides you and align your life with your values.

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Through our method, unique in the world, we will show you the way to the development of your mind and the vitalisation of your body. Yoga, meditation and other simple techniques you will learn will lead you to know how to change your life, and you will notice how your overall performance rises, at home, at work or in your social relationships, thanks to the mental clarity you will achieve.


"Mens sana in corpore sano". Our body is our temple, and in our academy, we place great emphasis on the importance of caring for it. Fitness and good condition are fundamental to our program.


Building space into our bodies allows us to deepen relaxation and allow our bodies to recover. As so many of us now spend so many hours in front of the computer, ensuring we give our neck and back time to recover relieves discomfort and improves physical condition.

Meditation & Mindfulness

The transformation you seek takes place in your mind. Our practice doesn’t conform to any specific religious beliefs or life philosophies, but we believe a spiritual practice is an essential tool to improve your quality of life.


Stressful lifestyles create minds and bodies that are also stressed. Deep and replenishing rest is essential in preventing this stress from becoming unmanageable. We’ll help you create a space for truly healing relaxation, using techniques that will allow you to create calm.


The importance of conscious breathing practice to bring us into the moment, calm our nervous system and allow calm and quiet into our body and mind cannot be underestimated. We use breathing to centre much of our work.

Food, proper eating

A good diet not only improves our physical well-being but also our state of mind. Keeping your body fuelled and energised means being ready to take on the challenges you face and be present for those you love. Proper eating is one of the most important habits for good health.

Dare to discover yourself

We invite you to discover the wonders of mindfulness, breathing techniques and our methods of stress relief. You’ll find that, through some simple actions, you’ll be able to calm your mind, become more aware of yourself and care for your body.


We invite you to take your journey with us, safe in the knowledge that our experienced and dedicated practitioners are here to support you. We don’t believe in perfection here, but we do believe that you are worth looking after. We don’t judge or force ideas on you, we simply want to show you practices that we have found to be a powerful antidote to the stress of modern life. We practice what we preach, and hope you’ll find our school a place of peace and recovery.

About London Lifestyle Academy

“I’ve always felt a natural curiosity for meditation, I grew up in Brazil, and at 15 years I found myself lost, facing those big common coming-of-age questions. I was full of fear. I shared some of my feelings with one of my teachers at my agricultural school where I studied, and he talked to me about meditation. Everyone used to laugh at us talking about these things, when all they were interested in was money and productivity! He told me to try yoga. So that’s what I did, and that’s where my journey began.


There were virtually no teachers of yoga where I lived, so I trained in the Rose Method and I gave began by giving lessons in Brazil. I then moved to Europe to set up schools in Portugal. Life was good! But I found myself wondering if there was more, whether I could help people more than I had been with just yoga. I decided then to move to London to realise a new dream of mine, developing a way of teaching that focussed on more than just the body and took a complete view of the person to help them reach their fullest potential. The London Lifestyle Academy was born. My method is all about seeing people doing better, by breathing better and meditating better. I want to see my students thrive. When you're eating well you sleep well, you think well, and your emotions are stable. You naturally start to think more logically, not letting yourself be run by high emotion. That’s when people start to do better, get promoted, earn more money, and drink and drug less.


I don't push anybody to do anything. As I gain people’s trust, they start to express themselves and that’s when I can really help by giving new perspectives. I don't think that I’m a coach, I think I’m something different. I'm a teacher and I guide using concepts and techniques to help people make better decisions and get a better grasp of their life. I empower people to change their lives for the better.”


Gustavo Cardoso, the founder of London Lifestyle Academy, is a gentle and creative guide, who doesn’t take life too seriously. He understands that a playful outlook is essential to helping his students find their own path. Gustavo's love of nature and animals inspires much of his approach. He’s also rarely seen without a cup of his favourite tea!


Gustavo believes that in today's world people are always rushing. There are more and more external factors causing anxiety in people, and situations of high tension. Since 1989 he has embarked on his life's journey to teach techniques that act as a necessary rebalancing of this type of lifestyle. In 2001 he opened two schools in Portugal, the land of his grandparents, to do his bit in changing people's approach to life's problems. Passionate about helping, he continued to develop his methodology and refine his techniques, to take them to the next level and bring his practices to the lives of Londoners.


Gustavo has accumulated an incredible 55,800 hours in classrooms teaching and interacting with his students. Throughout his 27 years of professional experience, he has become one of the most renowned international experts. He has refined his approach over thousands of classes and perfects his techniques daily. The process of connection with oneself and physical and mental improvement is at the heart of how he runs his team of London Lifestyle Academy instructors.

Trial Week | Grab our £36 offer when booking online (£45 at School Reception)

Trial Week | Grab our £36 offer when booking online (£45 at School Reception)

With London Lifestyle Academy you can attend yoga classes near London, learn to meditate from home, get exercise classes in Kensington and learn mindfulness for anxiety.
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