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About London Lifestyle Academy

Who are we?

London Lifestyle Academy is a training hub in mindfulness, breathing and ancient techniques that tries to transmit in an interdisciplinary way the foundations of this lifestyle, pedagogically integrating them. We adapt these fundamentals to our society and culture, always respecting the essence of the tradition but trying to apply an innovative methodology based on scientific advances that benefit our activity.


Our meditation, breathing and physical techniques are based on a discipline that should be in accordance with our way of life. We intend to bring a new vision about the approach of personal fulfilment, always respecting the principles of freedom, spontaneity, intuition and creativity.


We believe that all teaching requires the support of tradition, a critical vision with the new elements that science brings us, and a principle applicable to all areas of your life to know how to put light to the everyday. We show how to free yourself from problems using your mental clarity and focus. It is this passion for sharing and observing that helps us to improve your vitality and energy levels, leading to an upgrade in your overall quality of life.


Characteristics of our philosophy

Inner peace

We relax, pacify our minds and enjoy inner peace.

Positive attitude

We'll know how to handle difficult situations.
We will transform the difficulties.

Good heart

Your relationships will improve, and you will feel closer to others.


Your mind will become lucid and clear. Your physical and mental health will improve.


You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate attitudes that harm you.

Pure happiness

Your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will be a source of inspiration for others.

Goals achieved

Fulfil your objectives with attention and commitment and collaborate to make your life the happiest journey.


Take care of your body, it's the only one you have. To balance the health in your life, you must stay in shape.


Get what few people in this society get: disconnect and focus on your tranquillity.


Our mission

How to make the body a profound learning in both physical and emotional consciousness, either in the sensitive or in personal evolution?

Our ultimate goal is to help you develop high-performance living. We want to improve your well-being, personal skills and physical fitness through concentration, relaxation and stress management. We teach you our techniques so that you can be at peace with yourself and prepare your body and mind for the goals that lie ahead.

Our vision

To perceive a different and present vision it is necessary to abandon old habits, to enlarge our perception and to dissolve the fears and misgivings that hold us back. All the work we do is based on teaching you how to be able to face in the long term everything that life presents us with openness, humility, clarity, and compassion.

As an academy, we intend to consolidate in two years as a centre of reference throughout the United Kingdom, establishing ourselves as one of the largest groups of professionals in all of Europe. We want to continue to help thousands of students, while at the same time training new teachers and incorporating experts into our staff

Marble Surface

The core of the training you will receive at the London Lifestyle Academy, and the basis of Professor Gustavo Cardoso's knowledge and expertise, comes from his mentor, Professor DeRose. From theory to practice, every lesson and element of our philosophy is based on his research, work and commitment to pass it on.

In every minute of all our lessons you will experience the essence of his teachings, and that is why the affection, recognition and admiration we have for Professor DeRose is so profound.

Professor DeRose

Professor DeRose in London explains about the concepts and techniques of DeRose Method in London 2011.

"I can't say how many hours of classes, books, and lovely moments I spent absorbing his know-how and expertise and because of that I want to express my gratitude for him! London Lifestyle Academy wouldn't be what it is today if Professor DeRose hadn't accompanied me on my way here," says Professor Gustavo.


With fifty-nine years experience teaching and 25 years of trips to India, DeRose is a celebrated writer in Hindu philosophy. Professor DeRose is a member of ROTARY, and his work has been recognized by numerous cultural and humanitarian institutions, including the Brazilian Legislative Assembly, Sao Paulo State Government, Sao Paulo City Council, the Paulista Associated Press, the Rotary Club, Military Police of Sao Paulo, and the Association of Parliamentarians of Brazil. DeRose has been recognized with the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa (non-academic) from the FATEA – Faculdades Integradas Teresa d’Ávila (Brazil), the Universidade Lusófona, of Lisboa (Portugal), the Universidade do Porto (Portugal), the Universidade de Cruz Alta (Brazil), the Universidade Estácio de Sá (Brazil), the Faculdades Integradas Coração de Jesus (Brazil), the City Council of Curitiba (Brazil).


Let’s Connect

Our priority is that YOU are well. That's why we don't want you to be left with any doubts, and we would love you to give us the opportunity to show you the help we can offer.

Do you have any questions, doubts, or do you want to tell us something? We are at your complete and absolute disposal. Please do not hesitate to fill in our form and we will contact you to satisfy any and all your concerns. We are waiting for your message!

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26 Wetherby Mansions, Earls Court Square, SW5 9DJ, England

+ 44 (0) 20 3560 6863

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