Discover 3-Step Program

We invite you to discover the wonders of mindfulness, breathing techniques and our methods of stress relief. You’ll find that, through some simple actions, you’ll be able to calm your mind, become more aware of yourself and care for your body.

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Focusing on Mind, Body

Our practice carefully blends techniques from a range of disciplines to help guide you on an inner journey, one which will allow you to find meaning in our world, put emotions and feelings in order, and find a new perspective on your life. It’s an opportunity to find balance, bring you closer to the present moment, whilst keeping your body fit and healthy.

London Lifestyle Academy is a training hub in mindfulness, yoga, breathing and ancient techniques. Our interdisciplinary practice provides a foundation for living which we adapt to both respect the tradition of our teaching, and allow you to integrate it meaningfully into your life.

Through our unique teaching methods, we’ll show you the way to develop your mind and body as one. Our simple techniques will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and peace. We want you to become the witness to your own life – noticing your energy at home, at work or around loved ones. We want to help you tap into what drives you, what guides you and align your life with your values.

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